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We do Custom sculptures, Custom objects. Products, furniture, functional items. And we work in plaster, cement, plastics, resins, stones, and painting. As well as work closely with historical restoration and interior design companys.


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  • Custom Plaster Spiral Column Floor Lamps %100 Rendered from a Photograph. Hand Run sections using traditional methods, the Spiral is hand carved and then molded and cast with conduit in full plaster

    6ft Spiral Column Plaster Floor Lamp

    This Commission was a rendering from a photograph found by the Dallas based interior design company SWOON for their reimagining of Newport, RI Vanderbilt mansion hotel.

  • Plaster Cast Silver Platter

    This Commission was brought to us by a woman who had this family heirloom that she wanted to sell but still wanted a recreation. We molded casted and painted a plaster copy of the piece for her.

  • Hand sculpted rendering from a phone image screen shot of these corbels in the background of a photo of a computer screen showing a still from a black and white film. a

    Sculpted 36in Corbel (Sculpt only Commission)

    This Commission was another rendering from a photograph for the front of the JC Nichols house in Kansas City, but, the only reference image was from a converted black and white film of JC Nichols speaking in front of his house.